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Divorces can be difficult and complicated, involving crucial factors such as child custody and property division. Attorney Glenda Cochran has extensive experience advocating for clients during the divorce process, and guiding them through this emotional time.

Options for Concluding a Marriage Under Alabama Law.

Legal separation: Spouses remain legally married, but they live apart. They choose this option to work through their personal issues.

Divorce: This occurs when one or both spouses want to end the marriage.  If the parties do not agree on issues related to the division of assets or child custody, a judge may resolve the dispute.  If the parties agree, the judge can enter the divorce decree according to the agreed-upon terms.

Child Custody

Perhaps the hardest part of a divorce is deciding who will have custody of the children.

Legal custody

Falls into two categories where the custodian or both parents are legally allowed to make all decisions regarding the child.

Sole Custody

One parent has custody of the child and makes all decisions regarding the child.

Joint custody

Both parents share the rights and responsibilities of the children.

Most of the time, cases do not reach the court, because parents are able to agree to custody arrangements on their own or resolve their differences through mediation. If the determination of custody goes to trial, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

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Our Birmingham law firm has the resources and competent attorneys you need to fight through custody battles, divorce, and other related issues. We ease the burden and assist you in getting an outcome that works best for your particular situation.

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    Family Law FAQsFamily Law FAQsFamily Law FAQs

    A family lawyer represents clients with family-related issues. These family issues include divorce, child support, and child custody.

    • The best interests of the child
    • The age of the child
    • The financial capability of the parent
    • The relationship between the child and parent
    • The physical and mental well-being of the parent

    It depends on your situation. For example, it takes less time if you can agree and go through mediation compared to litigation.